The Eldins believe they are the legitimate inheritors of the Ancient Dragon Era, which was an era of magic. From such a bold claim, one can easily expect that they would have a confident level of magic at their command.

For instance, the Eldin Dragonas can summon the magical creature Yaksia. Such magical creatures which respond to the dragon heart help boost the mana of Eldin Magicians to allow them to cast magic with unusual destructive power compared to human magicians. Their magic power can even transform the terrains or climate.


They are called the most beautiful race in Magic Earth, and when their life expires at around 300 years, they shatter like glass and disappear. Though their hair turns lighter as they age, there are no other physical changes.

They pursue absolute goodness and truth, and to achieve this, they will even sacrifice themselves. Because of this, if they were to face a situation of good vs. good, they would become trapped inside a maze and vicious cycle of confused thought.


Human Kali Eldin Catcha
Insigniagunner Insigniasniper Insigniaguardian Insigniaassasin Insigniaranger Insigniamagician Insigniashaman Insigniascout
Gunner Sniper Guardian Assassin Ranger Magician Shaman Scout


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