One of the best features of Dragona Global is its Instance Dungeon. Now “Instance”, as the players’ calls it, can be accessed by inserting a dungeon key to their specific NPC. There are four places in which you can enter; first one is in Suer (Disguised Ship), second one is in Dragon Valley (Seona Spawning Grounds), third is in Earis (Ezulan Temple), the last one is in Pampus (Gorgodia Lair).

We will first touch the very basic of an Instance, what you need to do to enter one.

How to enter:

You will first need to find a Dungeon key. This can be obtained by hunting monster or by getting certain quest which will provide the key for you.

Next you will have to create a party, not more than 15 members if you’re using a Party Key:


Party Tips

Or 36 members if it’s a Guild Key:


Guild Dungeon Tips

Once you feel that you have enough party members, find the Dungeon NPC and place the key in the key hole to generate an instance dungeon. Note that you can just right click the right key in your inventory to automatically place the key.


Keyhole Tips

If a member of a party or expedition creates an instance dungeon, a pop-up message will allow other members to enter. You can enter an instance dungeon through the following method. There is a simple diagram below to explain how this is done.



A friendly reminder, monster inside these dungeon are pretty strong. Be sure you are well prepared before you enter.