The Kalis, the most powerful clan on Magic Earth, are said to have blue dragon blood flowing in them.

Though the Kalis live in small tribes without a country, nobody dares underestimate them. They are powerful, each and every one of them. In fact, they are a clan that can be simply expressed in one word - “powerful.”

The Kalis’ mere whirlwind of swords can split rocks and their skin, which is harder than cast iron, cannot be penetrated by knives.


They search for their “star” as they lead their attacks in the wars. All Kalis follow such a destiny with the dragon blood flowing in their body. They call this the “Kalis Star.”

The Kalis don’t allow themselves to rest for even a second to find their star, and are determined to sacrifice everything for it. That is their fate and the reason for their existence. It is a blessing as well as the curse of the dragon’s blood flowing in their veins.


Human Kali Eldin Catcha
Insigniagunner Insigniasniper Insigniaguardian Insigniaassasin Insigniaranger Insigniamagician Insigniashaman Insigniascout
Gunner Sniper Guardian Assassin Ranger Magician Shaman Scout


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