Although there are all sorts of purposes for organizing a party or expedition, the biggest reason in Dragona is to hunt for a powerful monster within an Instance Dungeon or to play in the match system (PVP, PK system).


A group is organized by suggesting others to join a party, and the first proposer gets the right to become party leader or expedition leader.

How to Use Party & Expedition

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    Regardless of distance, you can ask another person if he/she is willing to join a party or expedition by entering “/Invite [Character ID]” in the chat window.
  • If the target of an invitation is in the target window, you can check whether or not the player is willing to join by right clicking on the target window.
  • When organizing a party or expedition, additional EXP increases according to the number of people.
  • Note: A character with a level difference of 10 or greater in comparison to the character with the highest level in the party or expedition cannot acquire EXP.
  • If a party exceeds 6 people, it is automatically changed to an expedition, which can be comprised of a maximum of 35 members.

Rights of Party Leader & Expedition Leader

  • He/she can invite additional people as long as the maximum limit is not exceeded.
  • If a member is not suitable for the party or expedition, he/she can make the member leave by force.
  • He/she can entrust one of the members to become the party leader or expedition leader .
  • He/she can check the [Away] status of members through the “Ready Check” function.
  • He/she can set the target sign displayed to all the members through the “Set Signs” function, which is of great strategic use in the game.
  • He/she can change the item distribution method.
Free-for-All : An item dropped when a monster dies can be acquired by anyone in the group.
Round Robin: An item dropped when a monster dies can be acquired by members of the group in a certain order.
Instant Auction: Acquisition method is set according to the item grade (normal/magic/rare/unique), and if an item with a grade higher than the conditions is dropped, it is registered in the Instant Auction window.

How to Use


Party & Expedition Function

  • Member Invite / Leave Function
  • Party Leader & Expedition Leader Entrusting Function
  • “Ready Check” Function
  • “Set Signs” Function
  • Item Distribution Setting Function
  • Instant Auction Function

Instant Auction Rules:

  • Each time an auction amount is entered, the input standby time is reset.
  • The entered auction amount displays the character name and amount of the bidder in the Instant Auction User Interface.
  • Right after the auction standby time is over, the item is obtained in the inventory of the final bidder.
*Note: If there is no space in the inventory, it is dropped near the bidder’s character, and the bidder’s character has the ownership of this item.
  • The maximum number of items that can be on standby for auction is 10. Afterwards, the auction item dropped from a monster is randomly dropped to the field near the characters.
  • If the total accumulated time of the auction standby time goes over 300 seconds, the final bidder at the time acquires the item.
  • In the case of an “?” Drop Item, the final bidder has the authority and acquisition rights to transform the item.



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