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Scout Full Transformation

Scout may look small and feeble character but they are more cunning and flexible in battle. Rather than exerting effort in increasing their muscle density to strike directly, they used sharp metal shuriken to assassinate their opponent in a midrange position. With the ancestrally blood runs through their veins that hunting by means of stealth is still their way of eliminating an enemy. They play with their prey by disrupting the opponent’s ability using various manipulative techniques. Use of shuriken as their based attack damage, added-up with flammable and poisonous traps will reign havoc to an opponent. A clever scout uses the following ability to overcome different obstacles, backstab his enemy while hiding, agility for quick blow, high evasion to avoid incoming attack and precision for accurate damage. With her long experience from the wild she attains the following: can survive in an extreme condition, strong will and she had developed great patience. Scouts high regeneration rate came from their resilience and assimilation with nature. She has the ability to summon nature’s breeze to descend upon his colleagues to improve their movement speed and evokes the power of animals to increase each member’s abilities and stats.

Features of Scout

The use of Spica from the force of nature has provided the scout an endless power and agility in a shape of a fox. With its strong transformation it can tear off enemies’ armor like slicing butter. It can spewing a breath of fire like toasting an over cook marshmallow. In addition, Spica change the flow of air around her creating an optical illusion that causes the opponents to loose site of its target. The attack power of the transformation can develop a compress air that slices through its path sending the thick armor to IL sunder. Its greatest advantage in combat mainly it’s agile, highly evades its incoming attacks and superb fast movement speed. With its sharp senses it can discover hidden enemy at once leaving the opponent vulnerable.

Class Spotlight - Scout01:26

Class Spotlight - Scout

Scout Partial Transformation - Hamal01:18

Scout Partial Transformation - Hamal

Scout Full Transformation - Spica01:03

Scout Full Transformation - Spica


Transformation - Scout

Skill Description - Scout

Skill Tree - Scout



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