Siris's Bow Scheme

Siris Bow

Lv.Requirment: 15

Siris's Bow Scheme Product


  • (1) Siris 1st Piece of Bow
  • (2) Siris 2nd Piece of Bow
  • (3) Siris 3rd Piece of Bow

Material Drops

  • (1) Quest Reward From: Honest Siris (Lv.12 Quest)
  • (2) Quest Reward From: Loid's Favor (Lv.14 Quest)
  • (3) Quest Reward From: Esillien's Reward (Lv.14 Quest

  • Honest Siris is a auto get quest that is available after you finish Down with the Red Hand 1,2,3
  • Loid's Favor is a auto get quest that is available once you get to Suer, it's a 1-5 chain quest that guides you trought the city
  • Esillien's Reward is the last quest in the "The first Urka Totem" Chain (1-5)

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