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Becrux Partial Transformation

Assassin, is very much the embodiment of ruthless, dual-wielding, femme fatale of all the Dragona classes. They can either sweep you off your feet or sweep your HP down to 0 with her fast, swift skills. This natural capabilities plus the Sharp Attack skill made available by activating the Becrux Arm can enchance the Critical Hit rate which makes the blows deadlier. Assassins rely much on their Critical Hit rate so that they can be effective against any opponent whether they up with the Magicians or pawning Guardians. Another good set of skill in Becrux series is the Resilience skill from Becrux Trousers which gives the Assassin additional Movement Speed by 12. When you say 12, its different from the usual 10 additional movement speed from other partial transformation out there, combined with the Haste ability, your Assassin can be a fast ruthless killing machine.

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Becrux Head

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Becrux Trousers

Enchance Fortitude that increases the Assassins' MP regeneration can also beneficial because an Assassin with a low MP can be caught unprepared for that killing strike when a perfect opportunity comes. So activate your Becrux Head every now and then. Same goes with her Vitality skill from Becrux Chest which renegerates her HP recovery. Just watch out for your CORE as it depletes fast when your activate all of your Becrux parts.

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Becrux Chest

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Becrux Arms

And now, how about a flying Dragona killing mobs and pawning players in PvP sounds to you? Yes, the Assassin's Full Transformation, Altair does that. It transform a land walker Assassin into a hovering angel of death. Altair transformation looks like a black bird of prey with those deadly shiny blade design to warn people that what they have to face is someone who is ready for the kill. Altair's transformation skills consists of direct skills that deals damage but the Greater Concealment ability which activates the Strike Pressure Point skill is where the Altair reigns supreme for it will not only deals damage with 50% Critical Hit rate, it will also stuns the target as well. Danger Reversal is an essential skill that's not only removes 1 debuff, but also increases the Assassin's Movement Speed. The passive skill, Altair Suit is as important as well for it increases the Assassin's concealment ability. Not only it is fun to see someone,a flying Dragona while striking mobs and players, but to see them suprised just as how fast the Altair can kill her targets with precision can be a sight to see.

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Altair Full Transformation

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