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Acubens Transformation

Ranger is your typical long-range class in any MMOs out there. But the difference between them is that this long-range class is a Dragona. Meaning they have the special ability to activate transformation. For the Ranger class, they have the Acubens series. First off, for a Ranger, damage is his main concentration when it comes for his transformation. So with that said, his Flow of the Wind skill which is activated by Acubens Arm will increase the Ranger's Critical Hit rate which is important to land those flurry of damage to a target. Rangers' skills have cooldowns as fast as 2.7 seconds which will create a large window of Criticals to be activated. The second priority is his movement speed. Skill like the Soul of a Leader which increases his movement speed can be stacked with the Wind Walk ability from the Acubens Trousers will make the Ranger a fast, ranged DPS.

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Acubens Head

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Acubens Trousers

Other regenerating transformations such as the Acubens Chest and Acubens Head is as much as important for they will activate the Rest and Relax abilties respectively. In case your CORE can still sustain other Acubens transformations, activated these two wouldn't hurt specially when you are running low of HP and MP pots.

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Acubens Chest

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Acubens Arms

One of the most aethestically made Full Transformation to date. The Ranger's Full Transformation, the Graffias, displays feather-like parts which shows a light-footed avatar. Graffias does not only display such features but owns a plethora of skills that not only deals damage, but de-buffs targets and with additional elemental damage. Skills like Penetrating Arrow and Venomous Snake Jaw are all direct damaging skills but with additional elemental, dark and poison damage respectively. Skills like Chain Arrow and Vacuum Arrow not only deals additional elemental damage, it also de-buffs targets as well. Chain Arrow deals Frost Property damage plus it also decreases target's Movement Speed by 25 making it for the prey to run from you and all of your assaults. Vacuum Arrow deals Lightning Property damage and also disabling target's skill usage rendering them unable to use any skills for 2.5 seconds. This is helpful specially for Magician that cannot deal as much damage when attacking normally. Graffias Stone passive skill is an essential skill for a Graffias owner for not only it increases the owner's resistance against elementals, but its HP and MP recovery as well. All in all, Graffias can par with other Dragonas in their Full Transformation not only with its appearance but also its battling capabilities.

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Graffias Full Transformation

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