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Alphard Partial Transformation

Sniper is one of the most versatile long-range Dragona, having the longest reach for an attack and support skills that might save a party whether hunting for boss or just plain ol' PvP. Having a plethora of skills to shoot at adversaries, having her Verdant Battlefield Energy activated via Alphard Head partial transformation will help her MP regeneration for that crucial skill usage transition. You can't just use those hurtful Sniper skills without sufficient MP right, so an Alphard Head partial is just the thing you need. Being a DPS as her main playstyle, increasing one's damage via Strong Battle Will skill with the Alphard Arm activated will just turn the tide of the battle in favor of the Snipers. Just think of her critical hits powered up by this skill will just prove once again why her class name is the Sniper.

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Alphard Trousers

2012 03 01 11 26 59

Alphard Head

Additional speed for those excruciating long chase wouldn't render Alphard Trouser ability Rapidity useless for that will increase the Sniper's movement speed by 10. Better than nothing, can be used to chase those pesky Scouts. Wind on Battlefield activated by the partial transformation Alphard Chest will increase a Snipers HP resiliency that can greatly lengthen one's life in the battlefield, having a low HP rate being a long range class. Usage of a partial transformation really depends on how a player will use the Sniper's effectiveness in the battlefield.

2012 03 01 11 27 06

Alphard Chest

2012 03 01 11 27 46

Alphard Arms

Rusty metallic cyborg with an arm that doesn't match the other one will explain the outside appearance of the Sniper's Full Transformation, Mira. Don't let the slim outer skin fool you, for the Mira full transformation packs skills that can determine the outcome of the battle whether get you first or you got them the first time they enter your range of fire. Transformation skills such as the Double Shot and Intensive Fire will be your main artillery but the invisibility skill Annihilate combined with its branch skill Suprise Shot is where the Mira shines among other full transformation out there. Just think about the 31 meters range of fire that the Mira can do, you can shoot at least 2 skills before the enemy can do anything about it.

2012 03 01 11 28 05

Mira Transformation

Plus, Mira's passive skill, Mira Skin, that increases your overall resistance against elemental attacks and increases your HP and MP regeneration makes Mira a formidable ally and threatening enemy at the same time. Just remember, one's usage of the transformation can easily determine the result of winning and losing.

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